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About Steele Inc.

We use only the highest quality components in our vests such as:

Heavy-duty domestic thread – not the cheap stuff made overseas which tends to break easily.

YKK Zippers – also made in the USA and known for being the best quality. We have never had a zipper break!

Fire resistant hook & loop – more expensive and launders much better that the cheap stuff.

Thinsulate® insulation by 3M – the very best insulation available on the market.

Matching bias edges – the bias edges on our vests are the same as the shell fabric resulting in a more professional & even wearing garment. As we receive shell material we send out rolls from each dye lot to a factory that slits the material into 1.5 inch wide strips. During sewing these rolls of bias are inserted into the sewing machine which automatically folds and stitches the bias along the fabric edges.

State of the art sewing technology – Our sewing machines are capable of double needle stitching which insures “no rips” along the seams, cinch straps, and cooling pockets. This, combined with the same fabric bias edges, makes for a very clean looking and extremely durable vest. As a point of fact, we have nuclear power plants that have been using the same vests for 30 years!


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